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What in the world is going on with interest rates?

Interest rates and where they are headed has been dominating the business world news lately. For many business owners the question of rising interest rates is important for many reasons. Higher rates mean higher payments for the equipment and working capital loans that often keep our businesses running. Our customers also pay higher rates, making our products more expensive. Higher interest rates can put downward pressure on any stock or bond investments we personally may hold. On the bright side, higher general rates will increase the amount of interest we receive for funds we deposit in savings accounts, money markets, or newly issued bonds. Right now is a great time to invest in the growth of your business. Interest rates, should they rise, are only expected to do so very gradually. The Fed has shown a reluctance to raise rates while inflation and the unemployment rate, by most measures, remain historically low. If you are interested in a low money down equipment lease or a working capital loan, please contact Copley Funding. Thank you for reading.

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