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Medical & Dental Equipment Leasing & Financing

Quick 1-page application

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Simple 1 page application. 

Receive funds in 24 hours




New and Used Equipment


Virtually any equipment used for medical, dental, or laser treatments. You chose the vendor and we provide the funding.

Established Businesses or Start-ups



Low fixed monthly payments

Small upfront charges compared to loans

Up to $250,000

Flexible payment terms up to 72 months

Medical Equipment Financing

Hassle-free financing for your medical and dental equipment.


At Copley Funding, we understand that the quality of the medical equipment you use is paramount to the health of your patients. That is why we offer the best medical equipment financing available for the broadest range of equipment types.

In medicine, you need to have trustworthy medical equipment. We are offering a long term partnership to supply the medical equiment financing you need. We can help medical offices, dentists, nursing homes, aesthetician practices, and much more!   


We understand that medical professionals are very busy. We take care of all the paperwork for you.   Our rates our among the best in the industry, and we offer both medical equipment loans and medical equipment leasing, so you can be sure we will match the best possible product to your situation. Call today for a free consultation or quote.


Benefits of Medical

Equipment Leasing

  • Predictable, low fixed monthly payments

  • Reduced upfront costs

  • Allow medical offices  to preserve capital

  • Avoid outdated technology

  • Potential tax savings

  • Easy application process

  • Quick credit decisions

Medical equipment we lease and finance:
  • Dental Equipment Financing 
  • Medical Laser Financing
  • Veterinary Equipment Leases
  • Physical Therapy Leasing
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Imaging Equipment Leasing
  • X-Ray Machine Leasing
  • Dermatology Equipment
  • Skin Professional Leasing
  • Ultrasound Machine Leasing
  • Dental Seating Leasing
  • Chiropractic Financing
  • Vehicles including vans and wheelchair lifts 
  • Nursing home furnishing Leasing
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