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Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment leasing is a great way to finance the equipment you need for your medical office, dentistry practice, or practically any healthcare business. There are many reasons to utilize medical equipment leasing or financing but I believe the best are listed below.

  • Medical and dental equipment leasing has little upfront cost - which allows you to begin using the equipment and making money right away, no need to worry about high end upfront capital expenditure.

  • Avoid obsolescence - leases can be structured to turn the equipment in at the end and begin a new lease. With highly technical medical equipment, the newest technology is always just a month or two away.

  • Easy application, quick funding.. A medical equipment lease from Copley Funding allows you to get the financing you need fast, with very little paperwork. After filling out a 1 page application, Copley Funding does the rest: gets you a fast approval, provides a small contract, and handles all of the interactions with the medical equipment vendor. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction so you we can work together for many years in the future.

When you are ready for your next medical equipment finance or lease, please contact Copley Funding! We are here to help your business grow!

If you are interested in renting laser equipment in the Los Angeles area, please contact our friends at

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