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Restaurant leasing can help start-ups

Working Capital is extremely important for start-up restaurants. After months of planning your new restaurant, many owners find there are many things that pop-up or were unaccounted for. That's why a restaurant equipment lease may be the perfect solution to preserving the working capital for your restaurant or food service enterprise. It allows you the security of a low monthly payment for your equipment so you can keep your money in case expenses begin to get out of control.

At Copley Funding, we believe in helping new restaurants get off the ground. That is why we offer equipment leasing for true, start-up restaurants. You will simply need to provide proof that you have registered your business with your state or filed for a business license. We can finance equipment for qualified start-ups from $5k - $75k. Our lease terms allow for up to 36 months payback for startup restaurant equipment finance. Please call today to speak with one of our agents about how we can help your startup restaurant.

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