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Benefits of Equipment Leasing

People always ask us...why is equipment leasing right for my business? There are many reasons why equipment leasing could be a great option for your company...

  • Equipment leasing is easier to qualify for than a traditional loan. Since the great recession began, traditional banks have shied away from lending to small and mid-sized businesses. Leasing companies have stepped up, allowing small businesses access to capital denied by bigger banks through equipment leasing.

  • Tax flexibility - Equipment Leasing may allow for more flexiblity through write-offs through Section 179 of the U.S. tax code. You should consult your accountant for greater detail on eligibility.

  • Equipment Lease payment are usually don't need to worry about higher interest rates like a variable loan. The base payments are fixed and typically run from 12-72 months.

  • Equipment Leasing is easy to apply for and easy to get funded. There are usually 1 page applications and the leases can be simply signed and funded. Equipment leases are often applied for and funded in under 24 hours on smaller deals under $10,000.

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