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Benefits of Equipment Leasing

People always ask us...why is equipment leasing right for my business? There are many reasons why equipment leasing could be a great option for your company...

  • Equipment leasing is easier to qualify for than a traditional loan. Since the great recession began, traditional banks have shied away from lending to small and mid-sized businesses. Leasing companies have stepped up, allowing small businesses access to capital denied by bigger banks through equipment leasing.

  • Tax flexibility - Equipment Leasing may allow for more flexiblity through write-offs through Section 179 of the U.S. tax code. You should consult your accountant for greater detail on eligibility.

  • Equipment leasing allows you to preserve capital that you would spend on equipment for other purposes like paying salaries, purchasing inventory, or expanding your advertising and marketing. Copley Funding offers restaurant finance, businesses office finance, trucking and commercial vehicle leasing, or printing equipment leasing. Put our money to work for you to grow your business!

  • Equipment Lease payment are usually don't need to worry about higher interest rates like a variable loan. The base payments are fixed and typically run from 12-72 months.

  • Equipment Leasing is easy to apply for and easy to get funded. There are usually 1 page applications and the leases can be simply signed and funded. Equipment leases are often applied for and funded in under 24 hours on smaller deals under $10,000.

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