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Housing construction primed for growth in 2015

There is good news out there for the home building industry. The Natonal Association of Home Builder's is predicting home starts to increase to 1,162,000 in 2015 from 993,000 in 2014. The increase in new home starts is 167,000, a 17% increase. 2016 is expected to grow at a 26% clip and 1.463M units.

You may be as skeptical as we are when it comes to economic predictions. As we have seen most recently with oil prices, it is frequently impossible to forecast how things will change or what factors will have the most influence on outcomes. However, this data is encouraging as if it is true, it will help out the construction sector which has been seriously hampered since the recession began in 2008.

Copley Funding will be ready in the coming years to help companies rebuilid the American Housing Market through our Construction Equipment Financing programs. We understand the financing needs of small business and can get you the financing you need for skid steers, bulldozers, excavators, and much more! Please let us know how we can help build the next American home.

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